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What’s wrong with my current website?

Would you browse your own website if you found it by accident? If not, you may be in need of some website design and development. We can assist you in deciding if you need a complete web site redesign or just a simple web presence refresh. After that we are there to give your site the professional look it needs and to give your business the online edge to stay ahead of your competitors.
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Problems managing your own website?

How many hoops do you have to jump through to make simple changes to your site? We haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we’ll build you a simple to use online solution. Our team of website design and development specialists will give you a site that looks great and the tools you need to keep up with you website. at Red Horse Solutions we understand that your website is a tool, not your occupation.

  • RedHorse Solutions swept in as a proverbial lifesaver. With extraordinary professionalism and stellar communication and responsiveness, they near seamlessly tackled each and every request that I had thrown their way. I would HIGHLY recommend using Red Horse Solutions.
    —Howie Romans III
  • Best experience I've ever had... Great, quality work, immediate communication response! I feel they were extremely concerned with my vision, and how they could make that come to life!
    —Marc Orem
  • Working with this company has proved to be one of the best experiences I have had. They are dedicated professionals that deliver above and beyond what is asked.
    —Tommy T.
  • If you are looking for a very fair price with no communications issues, Red Horse is your company! I love working with them and will continue to work with them! American lead, overseas compay, communication on US hours, wonderful prices...
    —Dylan Kendall
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So you have a website… Now what?

Responsive web-site, SEO, CMS, search engine friendly, organic ranking, traffic……Don’t be intimidated by these BIG online marketing “buzz words”. Give Red Horse Solutions a chance to walk you through all your website design and development questions and your online marketing options.

We Don’t Build Websites… We Build Solutions!

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Why WordPress website design and development?

At Red Horse Solutions we specialize in custom WordPress website design and development. Not only is it more cost effective than standard design, it is also easier for you to manage your site yourself.

Our team of expert WordPress designers and developers can tackle any project no matter the size or complexity and create a stunning website for your company.

There are many CMS solutions out there, but we made the decision not to be the jacks of all trades, but to really focus and specialize in WordPress. To be really great at it, we can’t spend our time learning to use every other platform. There are other great platforms out there. But taking the time to learn many of them and to become proficient enough to be designing and developing using another CMS takes time. That time would be taken away from learning new skills in the platform we do specialize in. We would rather do one thing really well, than do a lot of them poorly. So we specialize.

Specializing in WordPress gives us the time and skills to really be able to help clients achieve their goals.
Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, and we can’t do that if we’re busy trying to sort through code we’re unfamiliar with. So if you want a business website that is great, and is also built using WordPress, then we may be the right fit for you.